The Collector Series
archival prints on water colour paper
9 pairs of associated prints, each 33x48 cm
Don Ritter, 2011

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"Wool’s black-and-white, alkyd-on-aluminum paintings rank among the quintessential advanced 'collector objects' of the previous decade. They are portable, presentable, serious, intelligent, and covertly congenial - replete with the attitudinal signifiers and no-look formalism that characterize this kind of work in our time. So Herr Collector and Mister Dealer got right to it. They wandered from room to room in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, deciding whether this painting would hold up better than that one, and why this was so. They checked out the labels (to see who bought what) and were not amazed to find that Wool’s best paintings reside in the best collections - thus betraying a clandestine discourse of taste nowhere alluded to in the verbiage that accompanies the exhibition. They had a lovely time, in other words, and I was happy for them."
Hickey, Dave. “Christopher Wool,” Artforum, October, 1998, pp.114-116.

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